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The official ‘RazorSmiths ‘all you need to know about whisky to sound like you know what you are talking about’ guide

While we know you guys love us for our razor skills, we also know that you are really coming by to sample our latest whisky. It hurts a little, but we get it. So in order to help you unleash the whisky connoisseur within, we have created this handy little cheat sheet.

Whiskey vs. Whisky: The word is a bit of an English mistranslation of the Gaelic words for ‘Water of Life’. Round here we would drink the stuff like water if we could so sounds about right to us. As an umbrella term, it means distilled alcoholic drinks made from a fermented grain mash. Delicious. In Australia and most parts of the world ‘whisky’ is the preferred spelling but it depends on where you are in the world and which one you are drinking.

Scotch: A whisky that was distilled and matured in Scotland.

Bourbon: A whisky that was distilled and matured in the US. So what is Tennessee whisky you ask?! Well these guys felt they had a superior bourbon and didn’t want to be lumped into the general bourbon bin due to their charcoal filtering process, but technically it is bourbon made in Tennessee.

Single Malt: There is a lot of confusion around this term but the single here only relates to the single distillery, not the grain mix or barrel and the malt refers to the malted barley and water mix.

Single Grain: Like the single malt, single grain whisky must be from a single distillery and then contain barley and one or more cereal grains. Therefore it is not technically from a single grain as the name would lead you to believe.

Blended: The majority of whiskys you will drink will be blended. There are so many variables that influence the flavour of every batch that they need to be blended across distilleries and barrels by a master blender to ensure a consistent house flavour profile. Note that the age on the bottle will be the age of the youngest whisky in the blend.

Single Cask/Barrel: This is a whisky created from the one cask with no other mixed elements. Each release will have it’s own unique flavour and therefore the flavour profiles are inconsistent year on year.

Looking to kick off with some novice research? Start with the subtle Dalwhinnie and then follow up with a classic Glenlivet 12 Year and Macallan 10 Year. Already a connisseur? Keep trying to get your hands on a bottle of Jefferson’s 17 Year Presidential Select and be sure to invite us round when you do. Or come visit us and try our personal favourite- ????? (add in their fave whisky here…)

Whiskey 101


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