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Short back & sides… and an amputation please RazorSmiths*

You probably have a pretty set idea of why you are coming into RazorSmiths right? Need a trim? Looking for a close cut shave? Well that’s pretty standard in 2017, but had we been in business closer to a previous century, you’d be visiting for much more than that. Back then the humble barber was more doctor than hairdresser and barbers and surgeons were even grouped together as the ‘Company of Barber-Surgeons’.

Your barber would be your go to guy for everything including;

Amputations of body parts
Fixing dislocations
Dealing with ulcers on the body
Treating venereal disease
Ear maintenance
Tooth pulling

They would also engage in beard starching to make them stiffer- perhaps starch shaped beards are set to be the man buns of 2018? Perhaps not.

One of the main services provided was bloodletting, which at the time was thought to be important for overall health and they would go so far as to advertise their bloodletting skills by putting bowls of blood in their shop windows. This somewhat gory service is even the inspiration behind the iconic barber pole- with the red and white stripes representing the bloodied bandages hung to dry outside the shop.

Bet you won’t be thinking the same way about your next trip to RazorSmiths huh?

*Unfortunatley we are not qualified for amputations at this time. Sorry gents.



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