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RazorSmiths / Barbers through the ages: 1930s

When it came to picturing the RazorSmiths man we pictured the gentlemen of the 30’s and the very cool barbershops of the time.

The 30’s was a rough time when boys became men in the post-Depression era. While Hollywood was experiencing it’s golden age and churning out dashing male actors, for most people the barber visit was more back alley than fancy shop.

Those lucky enough to be able to afford it, would be asking for the equivalent of a ‘Carey’ (Grant), ‘Jimmy’ (Stewart) or ‘Clark’ (Gable) look, with the trademark look of the era being the ‘high and tight’ or short back and sides with a longer top towards the front of the head with an off centre part. The cut was neat and clean around the ear and tapered at the nape, with a blend up into the longer top length in what was likely the first appearance of the fade. Product was key- looks were set with handfuls of grooming creams and pomades.

For those who couldn’t afford a regular barber visit, the DIY cut was always going to be rougher than anything given in the chair and was likely provided with dull clippers and finished with any kind of grease that was handy. It was a gritty look for a gritty time

3 - 1930s


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